OK guys, so here it is. Been working on this for a WHILE now, but I think it’s finally perfect. From start to finish, you’ll be groovin’ to some of the sexiest sounds tropical and deep house has to offer. This is going to send you straight to the beach in Miami, no matter what part of the world you live in.

Now here’s where I give a big shout out to my boy @AltieriOfficial. He’s been DJ’ing for years at some of the biggest clubs in New York, and recognized my passion for music. He’s been tellin’ me I need to learn how to mix for months now, and he suggested that we collaborate with this project. Even though when we started and I knew absolutely nothing, he was patient with me while we spent hours and hours behind the mixer. Without him, this mix would never exist. So go check him out NOW, he’s got some filthy mixes on his page.

I’m still going to be putting out my weekly mixtapes, so stay ready for that on Monday.

Thanks, and please give me feedback on what you guys think. And as always, throw me a FOLLOW and REPOST if you dig what you hear.

4th installment.

Here’s a nice collection of some sexy music that will have you groovin from beginning to end. Starting off with some nice deep sounds, the mixtape goes into some tropical beach music that you’ve probably realized I’m loving by now. From there, I found a couple great remixes to some classics. Ending the tape with some chill trap and 2 new slower hip hop tracks that I’ve been playing a lot.

BTW, BIG announcement —- I have been working on my first actual mixed set of some bangin deep house. I’m collaborating with my buddy from school and he’s been teaching me the ropes when it comes to the mixer. Stay tuned for that to be posted soon, I think you guys will love it.

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so this week i mixed it up much more than i’ve had in past playlist.

so much great music released this week, so this mixtape is a little lengthy but it will take you from melodic tropical house to heavy basslines and everywhere in between, literally.

anyways, i’m pretty sure i hit all the points so there should be something in this for everyone. hope you enjoy